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i'm not upset
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Are we going to die?

Her cheeks were feverish and the rise in temperature was spreading throughout her. With different touches and levels of anticipation, points of light lit up throughout her.

Are we going to die?

It was fainter now.

Am I currently in the process of starving to death? Does he care if I haven’t shaved my legs for three days?

Gradually, they became horizontal in the back seat with her on top. This was a shared secret. Hazel worked the remaining fabric around his waist down, leaving him covered only at the thighs. One leg went over him and her trailing fingers formed a semicircle grip. She pushed her forehead against his chest like a child seeking comfort and motioned up and down with her hands. Hazel thought about asking a question, but did not want to take the risk of receiving a shattering answer. There wasn’t yet that feeling that grabs one by the lungs and squeezes out the breath with how sincerely complete it is to be with someone like she felt with Curtis.
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