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"Oh- uh- okay, here," she said and tried to move her fingers out of the way while he fumbled.

Hazel wanted things to be out of her hands. The tiniest decision in Survival of the Fittest could lead to destruction. When you’re a kid everyone makes the decisions, you’re just along for the ride. She wanted to be along for the ride, as long as it was with a trusted person. This was one of those people, right?

Memories of other times with Min seeped into her vision. She felt the butterflies when he asked her out behind the restaurant for a smoke. Her heart was beating faster.

“I’ll do my best,” she said quietly. “Same to you.” Despite trying to hold in any noise, trying to be as quiet as possible, she let out the smallest broken fragment of a girlish sigh when he touched her. A pulling feeling in her stomach urged her on and she pushed her chest against him, putting all her weight on him while she moved down to kiss his neck.
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