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Min looked at her with owl eyes. Was that a good sign? she wondered. Her chest rose and fell steadily, which was much more apparent now.

There was still the option to go back. She thought about it. Her lips were slightly parted. It wasn’t too late to rush back to her spot on the floor where she had been trying to sleep. He reached out. He desired her and that was such a relief just by itself. To be wanted was its own kind of intoxication. “Someone wants me around” is what it said. “Someone cares.” Maybe even “Someone loves me.” It gave her a slight nudge over the next ledge. She nodded. Well, she hadn’t known for sure, for certain, but the risk made it all the more special, right?

“If you’re ok, then so am I.”

Hazel hooked her thumbs into the waist of her capris and slid them down, having to sort of shift and shimmy to get the pants down to her shoes and socks, which she slipped off along with them.
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