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"Yeah, I want to hear his story. Dunno what happened to put him so out of it."

Blair shrugged, looking back and forth at Rene and Noah. They still seemed intent on finding Sandra. which was Blair was...less than enthused about. At this point, knowing people were literally dying, Blair didn't want to hang around people she didn't fully trust and contributed nothing to her survival.She was somewhat tempted to point out the issue with this.

Eh, fuck it.

"Hey, listen. About Sandra. I don't think we're gonna find her. It's not exactly hard to follow people, and I don't think I remember seeing her with us when we got woken up." Truth be told, Blair was slightly exaggerating that; for all she knew, Sandra really had gotten lost. But this was a possible solution, and it'd solve Blair's problem. So this was now the story.

"I think-wait, did you hear that?" A voice, faint and barely discernable, coming from behind her. "Is he up?" She turned around and looked into the doorway at the sleeping boy.
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