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It was, perhaps, fortunate that Alice's experiences, while frightening and stressful, had mostly been so from her own fears and insecurities, rather than any actual threat to her well-being.

Keith had been with a boy who was now dead, murdered by someone named Jasmine. From his reaction, Alice wondered if he'd witnessed the killing in person. Dreadful, and traumatic. The poor guy. Sandra meanwhile, had encountered the girl Kimiko before the mute girl had killed someone. Kimiko had even gotten an award of some sort according to the terrorists. Disgusting.

Alice stared at her feet as the two explained themselves. She felt ashamed, really, ashamed and mortified by the fates these two people had experienced, while she'd griped and worried and fretted. Danger was about, to be sure, but there was no reason for Alice to be a ball of anxiety like she was.

"I...I'm sorry guys." She bit her lip. "That's terrible, for both of you. I..." She trailed off.
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