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((Travis Lynch continued from Five Finger Death Punch))

He had never seen a body before which wasn't surprising, he lived in Kingman to begin with. It was weird though how little the idea truly bothered him. His stomach wrenched and for a split-second he went slightly dizzy but once that passed he didn't really feel anything. Cass stepped in the way before he got a good look at it which Trav didn't protest, he didn't want to stare at a fresh corpse and imagine the life they could have had. He didn't know Jane all that well, she was in his year but beyond that he know nothing about her. He felt a strange pang of guilt about that.

The body was the first sign of another person they had seen since they'd left the roof. It must have been some form of miracle that they hadn't met someone else at any point, but the asylum was bigger than perhaps Trav had realised, being on the roof had distanced him and maybe distorted his sense of scale. The place itself was a depressing ruin. The signs of its inhabitants sometimes still visible, he had wondered what had made people ship their family members and loved ones off to the place. In a way it was perfect for whatever the terrorists expected them to do. People had been being shipped to the island to die years before they had arrived on it.

The chapel wasn't immune to the same foreboding feeling Trav had about the whole place. It looked like it had taken the passage of time better than the main building from the outside but the gardens showed clearly how after everything was done the world was just going to continue as if nothing had happened. Plenty of profound statements could have been made, but Trav didn't enjoy considering philosophy that mainly revolved around his death.

"Shit." He breathed, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. It was the best he could really manage. "Didn't really know her but..." Then another voice interrupted, causing Trav to visibly jump for the second time in as many days.

"Jesus christ." Trav said, placing his hands on his knees and laughing out of pure nerves. He raised a hand, index finger up. "Don't, be doing that." He straightened up and looked in the direction the voice came from to see a girl from the year below, Ivy? No, Irene. Yeah, Irene. Irene. And she had a shotgun. Trav wasn't a fan of that, luckily it didn't look like she had any intention of using it.

"Yeah." He said voice steady again. "It's fucked."
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