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Well, then. Jasper had asked if Tara was okay after, y’know, sticking her arm in a bonfire. She flat-out stated “no”, but it wasn’t the flames. Apparently, Tara had run into Other Cris and Abby before they… “lost.” Junko looked her over as she fished out that first aid kit. Yeah, that arm didn’t look good, did it? No shit it wouldn’t look good after being roasted.

Then Tara said it, and Junko tensed up.

“How to die, huh…” she said quietly.

She briefly looked off to the side, in thought. She didn’t think about dying too much since she got here. Well, she thought of ways she could die. She thought of Mr. Graham. But she didn’t think of the way she’d like to go out. Not really. But after a second, Junko knew her answer.

Should she say it, though?

Junko once again moved her head to look back and forth between Jasper and Tara. She decided ‘yes.’

“I made a decision, a long time ago. I saw Mr. Graham die, like everyone else, and... I don’t want to die like that. I’m not going to die like that. Period.”

Her muscles were primed to go. If this turned out to be a scary movie ‘I’m about to kill you’ sort of question, well, she could act. She had a bat for a reason.

“If I have to die, I have to go down swinging.”

Her knuckles turned white against the bat for emphasis.

“And no, that doesn’t mean I’m going to just… I dunno, kill random people. I’m not a killer, remember the announcements? But I’ll do whatever it takes, and…”

She trailed off. Junko decided she didn’t like this question. She wasn’t sure why Tara felt that burning driftwood and herself was a way to mourn for other people, nor was she sure where she was going with this. For a moment, Junko even wondered if she should ask if she needed help with her arm. It wasn’t like she knew a shit-ton about first aid, but she knew some things. Tara looked weak and in pain, too. But, she decided against it. Pragmatism? Well, she was technically still the enemy right now. For a moment, she felt a twinge of something familiar, but she pushed it aside. It was a feeling she’d realized was useless some time ago.

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