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……...Nope. He was not quite desperate enough to put his butt on this toilet. He’d probably take his chances squatting outside or something. Just… not that toilet. Ew.

Danny mentally washed his hands of this debacle—and wished the taps worked so that he could literally do so—before opening the door, CD player tucked under his arm, and almost stepping on Isabel.

She was just sitting there. Waiting. Chilling. Covered in blood. The blood of two people, judging by the announcements. And now she was here. Waiting and chilling.

Danny reacted like anyone would. He shut the door again immediately.

But, wait, fuck. Bridgette was out there. If Isabel just left—why would she leave, this door didn’t even have a lock—she’d meet Bridgette. Meet Bridgette with her sharp things, and… fuck, so much could go wrong there.

So Danny opened the door almost immediately after closing it again.

“Heeeeeyyyyy?” His attempt at being casual was belied by a shaky voice and an odd lilt to the end of the ‘hey’ that made him sound confused.

Be cool. Maybe she was chill. And if she wasn’t…

...Well, fuck, what would he do then?
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