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((Isabel Ramirez continued from 白色雑音))

Isabel walked through the halls of the staff dormitories, the heels of her converse shoes slapping against the worn tile floor.

It had been a little while since she left Asha and Dorothy behind, still slightly fuming. She couldn't believe someone she thought was a friend would try to hide things from her and say such awful things. So what if she killed people? They were going to die anyway, who murdered them didn't make a difference, be it her or some idiot from the robotics club. She didn't even feel bad about it afterwards, and if she didn't feel bad about it, how could it possibly be that bad? It wasn't like she stabbed someone who could've contributed to society. They were already worthless. Both of them.

Isabel stopped in her tracks as she heard doors open and close around the corner. She wasn't alone in here. Readying her sword, she peeked around the corner only to see the back of a familiar head, Danny. Another friend from ballet. Or maybe she should question his status as a friend. Danny was probably the member of the ballet group that she talked to the least, and Asha, the person she talked to the most out of the bunch, utterly betrayed her trust. Why should she think Danny would be any different? Isabel readied her sword. He didn't look like he was armed, he would probably be an easy kill.

Isabel lowered her sword just as quickly as she raised it. Danny was still somebody she knew. Not some random person that she didn't know at all, or someone she hated like Tina. Danny was funny, and she enjoyed his company like she enjoyed the company of all the members of the ballet group. Maybe Danny wasn't someone she liked a whole lot, but he was someone she liked, which isn't something that someone earns easily. A short term ally would be a benefit to her survival, and Danny was one of the few people left on the island that she could possibly trust, even if only for a few days. Presumably Danny could trust her too since they spent so much time together, and that would make it easier to convince him to stick around with her. It would be a waste of resources for her to just kill him now to get him out of the way. Better to get him to stick around as an extra pair of eyes and ears before stabbing him in the back when he outlived his usefulness.

Isabel walked towards the door that she had seen Danny disappear into before sitting down next to it, waiting for him to come out.

Today was shaping up to be a longer day than Isabel could have possibly imagined.
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