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Dee, huh? Jonathan was enraged by him, for what? Words? Since when was Jonathan such a sensible guy? He was not beaten up, yet complains about 'emotional pain' he had to endure. Boo hoo. Guess what, they don't matter when you die. But before Darius could reply, Brendan did hold a dramatic speech before fucking off.

Alright. Brendan left. That's good. Maybe Jonathan is just such a whiny person in front of Brendan. But he left. With extremely edgey taunts like 'i care about my friends, you dont'. Daaayam, these burns. 'I don't care what happens to you.' Wew. Man, Darius' heart broke in 69 pieces. Bah. He did not need sympathy from Brendan. Who gives a fuck what this loser thought about someone? Caring for reputation? What? Yes, very important right now. Reputation on SOTF is for liars. Darius' an honest and honorable guy. Well, not 100%, perhaps thirty-one percent less. Okay fuck that, that running gag is out. It's utter crap. This meme should have ended after his most popular YouTube video '69 reasons why league of lag-ends is utter crap'. Let the meme die. Let Irene live, though.

He stared at Jon's eyes for a couple of seconds, thinking. He pointed his index finger at Jon.

"You want a plan? I have a plan. 24 hours have passed and I have already thrown 2 water bottles into the ocean as an SOS. The US government might be capable of rescuing us. Thought about that?"

He added a second finger.

"In the radio tower there is not only equipment to remove these fucking dog necklaces, but also to perhaps send a signal. It's a radio tower. You know radios?"

The third finger.

"I don't fucking need to win you over. If you don't join me, it's your fault."

The fourth.

"About my tone. Excuse me, for not being nice. I am angry. I am about to get killed on this island. I have my fucking rights to be angry and upset. I have my fucking rights to be rude and act like an asshole. It's not like I'm attacking you."

He took a step forward to Jon. The last.

"Okay, Jonathan. You choose. Go with Brendan into the Asylum or join me to the radio tower. Because I am leaving. Now. I've wasted enough time with talking about inessential arguments."

He turned his back to go away from Jonathan. But, he looked back to him. And he was glad.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Return of the Manatee))
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