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Rene's newly tense demeanor loosened up upon discovering that Blair was all right. Well, disregarding any injuries that had come as a result of collapsing furniture, anyway. Rene had initially assumed that the new guy had broken the chair over Blair's head when she heard the noise, so this was one time that she was very glad to have been proven wrong.

Of course, even if all was well and good, there was still the very obvious question of who this guy was, and why he was taking a nap through all of this. Or more impressively, how he was a heavy enough sleeper to not be woken up by a chair collapsing loudly enough to echo through the cabin.

But back to the topic at hand, Noah proposed that they take a break. After the particularly crappy morning they had just had, Rene was all in favor of this plan. She very cautiously sat in a nearby chair, taking great care not to put all of her weight on it at once. She raised her hand to address the group.

"Hey, I'm all for doing nothing." She declared before pointing to the room that Blair had just walked out of. "But seriously, we're gonna figure out what the deal is with sleepyhead over there, right?"
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