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Isabel looked away from Asha as she spoke, before turning her head towards the speaker playing the morning announcements.

Isabel only half listened to them as she looked at the floor beneath her feet, only smiling ever so slightly when she was complimented for killing Tina. The way Asha was talking to her was far more important than information about who died and who killed. She knew who she killed herself, the number of people left didn't matter until it was just her, and she was more than confident that she could handle any other killers. But Asha already was trying to hide something from her, and now she was trying to manipulate Isabel into trusting Dorothy. She wasn't going to have any of that, she would rather kill the both of them than trust someone that could not be trusted. Anyone she didn't know beforehand and all of her superficial "friends" from high school weren't worth the risk. The only people she could trust were her friends from ballet... but Asha was making Isabel doubt even that.

Isabel tuned back into the announcements when the announcer got to the danger zones and winner of best kill. Some place she wasn't in was the danger zone, and of course she... won...

"Wait, what? But I..!" Isabel gritted her teeth and stopped her from continuing her outburst. She hadn't won the best kill award. Some other girl named Kimiko had won the award instead. Isabel balled up her fists. She knew what the terrorists normally liked, over the top violence was their thing wasn't it? Sure, she didn't intend to get the award from torturing Conrad, but it could've been a nice bonus. When she found this Kimiko girl she was going to make sure to carve her up extra nice and take whatever prize that she should have gotten.

Just as Isabel was getting into her plan for Kimiko, she was pulled out of her thoughts and turned her attention to the sound of Asha's voice. She tried her best to suppress scowling at her, but a mild look of disapproval still made itself evident on her face. There was no error. She killed because she was going to survive. She was the only person on the island that mattered enough. Everyone else was just an animal going through the motions of life, she was the only person that was truly aware of everything going on around her.

Isabel froze up slightly as Asha got harsher with her words. How dare she speak to Isabel that way? It didn't matter if she was eventually going to die anyway, if she won the game and lived to be a ripe 90 years old when her classmates all died at 18, she won. And killing didn't make her a horrible person, she was just doing what she needed to to survive. That's all that mattered. Surviving was all that mattered.

And it was becoming obvious to her that Asha was a threat to her survival.

Isabel tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword. Time to dispose of Asha and Dorothy like she disposed of Conrad. Like she should have originally, when she found the two of them asleep.

Then, Isabel's eyes strayed to Asha's taser, held tight in her hands. If Asha landed that shot, all she had to do was slit Isabel's throat with her own sword and it would all be over. It was too much of a risk to go after her like this. With her being aware and ready for any violent action that might be taken. Instead, Isabel looked away from Asha and stood up. There was no way Asha would have the guts to use the taser on her if she wasn't actively attacking them. Adjusting her bag and halberd, Isabel began walking away from the two of them, before stopping at the library shelf that would have hidden them from view.

She just needed to say one last thing. Get the last laugh.

"Let me be clear with you." Isabel turned to face Asha and Dorothy once again. "I'm going to win this. Even if I have to personally kill every single other person on this island."

Isabel turned away from the two of them for the final time. "I'll let the two of you live. For now. Buuuut..." Isabel smirked and shrugged, before locking eyes with Asha. "Let's just say if I find you guys again... there isn't going to be a single thing in this world that will save you from me. Let's all hope you die before that happens..."

Isabel began walking out of the library, calling back one last time. "Or I'll make you wish you died faster."

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Be Prepared))
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