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"Hey, what-"

All Mel could do was stare, hands still suspended in mid-air, after the figure in flight, someone evidently more scared of her than she had been scared of them. Of him, as she vaguely recognized his retreating back. Tall junior. Wade something or other. The door swung closed behind her as she watched him disappear into the distance.

Unfortunately, she had an inkling of what had happened to him, what else there might have been to spook him. There had been something there, lurking in the background in that moment the doors had been flung open, even as the motion of Wade's exit had caught almost all of her attention. There had been something that didn't quite belong. Unnatural, foreboding. Ominous.

Her hands were once again on the metal door, and she heard it creak as she began to- No. Not yet.

She forced herself to turn towards Aiden - and what seemed like another figure in the distance, approaching from a different angle than Wade had left - and shrugged helplessly in response to his almost forgotten question.

"Someone else's behind you, too. Guess we're popular all of a sudden."
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