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He had said it.

He had done it.

And the regret immediately came flooding into his system. Why did he say yes? Why did he agree to a deal with a known killer? He knew what he had to do. He knew that he wasn’t long. He knew that the people out there weren’t, either. He knew that he had to find them. So why? Why did he just do what he just did?

The third voice came and he jumped right out of his thoughts. He turned. It was Lily. Insulting him, although that wasn’t the part he was paying attention to right now in favour of the fact that she had been behind him while they were talking and had surprised him. She was a junior. Not really someone he interacted with. She was away from school a lot, and that was all Jeremy really personally knew about her. She was alone, holding a glass shard in her hand. She didn’t look like she was going to attack, but Jeremy was just that slight bit of wary considering what she was holding. Then again, he was the one who casually had a gun in his pocket. He couldn’t really judge others in that area.

...Also, did she bring an army helmet on the trip with her or something? Whatever, didn’t matter. Just answer her question.

“Same difference,” he replied, accompanied with a shrug beforehand.

And then Alex started speaking again, and apparently Jeremy didn’t actually get what Alex’s idea was. That was… interesting. Apparently he might be wrong about Alex. If that meant that he wouldn’t have to kill other people, then it meant that-

The idea was a killsquad.

So much for him not having to do anything.

The options came up in his mind again. One screamed. One whispered.

And as much as he wanted to conform to his screams and do the right thing, he knew that he couldn’t. He had made his choice.

He couldn’t go back on it now.

“I mean, the main gist of it is still the same. All we’ve done is add more people, so I’m still in.”

He paused. Looked down. Sighed, slightly.

“For better or worse.”
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