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“Cool, cool. I’ll be two minutes, okay?”

Danny headed out of the room. He only briefly stopped to pick up his CD player from where it sat in the corner with the rest of their things. He wasn’t going to go undefended, that’d just be ridiculous.

He’d seen a toilet. Was it a couple of rooms back? Danny quickly peeked through the first couple of rooms he saw. No, no, no—yes, thank god, there it was. Danny bolted across the room, closing the door behind him—no working lock, great—and then came to a halt in front of the toilet itself.

Good god. And he thought public bathrooms were bad. Nevermind a toilet that had probably gone without cleaning for decades. Maybe even centuries. It looked like centuries. Was there even toilet paper? Were there even leaves outside?

There was more to think about than Danny had thought. He stared at the abyss that was this particular toilet, deliberating the pros and cons of putting his ass on that thing.

Danny bounced awkwardly on his feet as he stared down. This was inhumane. Fighting to the death is one thing, but not even providing a decent place to go to the bathroom? Not to even go into the awkwardness of the entire world seeing him take this dump.

This was the worst decision of his life.
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