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"You're a happy accident I guess?" Bridgette responded, shrugging. "We both needed allies, and already being friends was a bonus." And probably her only requirement, she thought to herself. She wasn't sure if she'd trust an acquaintance, or worse, a total stranger. People like Danny were easy to trust. Maybe meeting one friend wasn't such a bad thing.

Danny agreed to search the dormitories. Bridgette stood up herself, grabbing the broken bottle. "Alright, let's start with the bedroom next door."

Hopefully they'd find something.


They'd found nothing.

Nothing of use, at least. They'd found beddings, old clothes, and other things the former occupants never bothered to bring with them whenever they left. The only thing of interest they found was a sleeveless leather jacket, laid out on a bed. One of these people had a poor fashion sense.

Spending hours rummaging through garbage creates mind-numbing boredom, and it felt like a chore. Enter room, check room, find nothing, repeat. When Danny asked to go to the bathroom, it was a welcoming break from routine.

Bridgette nodded, kneeling next to one of the beds. "Yeah, sure, it should be that way," she waved a hand at one of the walls as she lowered herself to the ground. Maybe, just maybe, something would be there.

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