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Mia barely noticed Candice walking into the room behind her. For a moment, she had almost forgotten the other girl even existed, so fixated had she been on finding Al again and then… dealing with his reaction. Candice wasn’t the most talkative person, but she’d still put her trust in Mia and followed her here, believing they’d find something or someone helpful. Someone, a total stranger, had put their trust in Mia, and she’d fucked it up. She’d spun Candice a lie that she herself didn’t believe in, and promised her an ally that didn’t exist.

She turned towards Candice, not quite looking at her. Occasionally her eyes flitted up to glance at the other girl, before they resumed their position of staring at the floor. She wanted to say something. She needed to say something. Some sort of an apology, an agreement maybe, just some sort of statement to let the other girl know she was still alive in here.

But nothing came out. There wasn’t even anything in her head that she wanted to say. Her throat felt dry and her eyes felt wet. She looked up again and sniffled, hoping Candice didn’t see the sparkles of tears on her face. Then she headed back out of the door again, walking the opposite direction to where Al and the other girl had gone. Momentarily, it crossed her mind that she was doing the same thing Al had done, walking away from her ally for whatever reason, but she couldn’t bring herself to care right now.

She needed a little bit of time. She needed a little bit of space. She hoped that Candice would follow her, but if she didn’t, then that was that. Maybe it was the best if she went her separate way. It wasn’t as though anything good had come of their alliance so far.

Mia wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and trudged onwards, no knowing or caring where she was headed. So long as she could be safe to be alone with her thoughts for a while.

((Mia Rose continued in I've Swallowed Half An Hourglass))


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