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"Holy shit!"

Exclamation mark or not, she was whispering to Alan.

"Holy shit it's her. Eeeeeeee."

Kimiko Kao. Mute. Not deaf, she had to keep reminding herself. Short. God, Kaitlyn had met nothing but shrimps on this island so far, Alan excepted. Mostly friendly, not that they were friends or anything. And somehow THAT had come together to kill some other kid and win a sweet-ass gun for it? Bizarre.

Oh, and in a sunburst of perfect karma, one more thing. Heading right the fuck close to them. Ba-zam.

"Alright, see ya in a few."

She slid the shield along the grass to Alan and waited until he'd made the first move down the ridge before she started slinking through the foliage perpendicular to him. There was a copse of trees nearby, and if she could get there as Alan was hopefully drawing Kimiko to him they'd have the perfect setup. Alan distracts and Kaitlyn jumps and then Alan jumps to and then poor little Kimiko would have nothing to kill anyone else with.

They were fucking heros.

Huh. Bonus. She sure as shit hadn't been signing up for that.

It did make sense this way; Alan taking point. She guessed. Alan had that whole calm and collected, nice-guy thing going on. He could pull it off. He could keep her at ease. If Kaitlyn was the one bounding out to meet her, Kimiko might be more edgy. Might just book it and then the whole day would have been wasted. Not that they were enemies at school or anything, but still. Kaitlyn was a libertarian, Kimiko was... Daoist? Taoist? Toasty? Some weird Chinese thingy. And frankly, she kinda creeped Kaitlyn out with the whole not-talking thing. How the hell was someone mute but not deaf anyway? Didn't those two things go together? Would've been a lot easier.

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