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Huh, that was true. Maybe. Danny didn’t know if the two of them stood much of a better chance together than apart. It wasn’t like they had weapons or mad kung-fu skills. Danny hadn’t really given a thought to how high their survival chances were beyond ‘everyone is fucked.’

“You’d rather avoid friends, but friends should stick together? You’re not making all that much sense. What does make sense right now, though?” Danny shrugged. He rubbed his face, trying to wake up a little better.

“Yeah, let’s search around. There’s gotta be some paper and stuff around here. I’m not really keen on going back to the crazyhouse. That place was way easy to get lost in.”

He picked up the CD player and got to his feet.

“Which way should we try first, do you think?”


Time passed. They searched through the dormitories, looking for anything useful.

What they found was a lot of random everyday shit, for the most part. At one point, Danny found an old, musty doctor’s coat in one of the cupboards and in his infinite wisdom put it on. But then it smelt like ass and made his skin itch so he put it back.

Overall, they hadn’t yet found anything useful when fate, destiny or whatever was in those damn protein bars intervened.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Danny said abruptly, as they went through what felt like the hundredth trashed bedroom. “I mean, I know this place is abandoned and all that, but taking a dump on the floor just doesn’t seem right.” He paused, then added, “Too much info?”

He closed the drawer he’d been staring into.

“Bathroom’s only like a couple of rooms away, yeah?”
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