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Jordan took over for the questions that were asked of them. No, they hadn't seen Ty. No, they hadn't encountered anything particularly dangerous or unusual.

Vanessa said conspiratorily that it was Alvaro who had messed up Min's leg, which was unpleasant news. Before she could react, she'd moved on to asking them another question which Jordan answered. Hazel and Min gazed at one another as the other parties discussed until Min added his own thoughts.

"That's what I gathered from the announcements," Hazel replied.

Min took her into a hug and she smiled looking down as he did. She hugged back.

"Yeah, pretty much what Jordan said. Lucky, actually, I mean, as much as you can be considering the spectacular bad luck of being here at all. It's been ok," she said, wanting to relief any lingering worries.

((Hazel Jung continued We're In This Together))
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