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The scene expands. New players take the stage. New potentials. New stories. So many interesting narratives for the crafty villain to exploit.

I really must learn the name of Rea's friend. He'd make an excellent hero. I hope.

And what timing, too! This woman enters the scene just as the man is joined to Alex's compelling cause! Yes, very good! No easy victories! If he is to become the villain of this tale, he must earn his place.

"You know," he said, smiling. "We've got about a half-dozen killers now, myself included. Our plan might sound like stupidity, but surprising armed men? I think that's a very special breed of stupid. Not very fit of you." His smile widened, and he tried to show a little teeth. Tried to look like a snarling animal.

"But you're not wrong," he conceded, glancing back to Jeremy. "I'm afraid you haven't quite understood my plan."

He gestured to the camera in the corner of the room. "Our captors have designed a crucible," he said. "They want us to believe in betrayal. They wish to select the fittest from our ranks. I don't think I disagree. But we will do it on our terms." He gestured casually with the machete, indicating Lily, Jeremy, and himself. "A coalition of the like-minded, until we are all that remains. And then we shall test ourselves properly. We will play their game, but we do it by our rules." The smile was wider, a little maniacal. "We decide who is the fittest."
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