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Ben turned his head in suprise. "Are... uh, thanks", he said, trying to sound appreciative. Truth be told, he was a little disappointed in himself for not volunteering to do it first. After Maxim having helped him calm down he would have liked to thank him by letting him sleep first. Besides, he had a few things to think through. But he wasn't going to argue with Maxim now, not when he was deciding so decisively and selflessly, so as to make sure Ben could recover from his little crisis. Sometimes the polite thing to do was let yourself be cared for, so the people who cared for you could have peace of mind.

He took one last bite of bread and stilled his hunger. He also took a swig of water, though he wasn't that thirsty. Then he stood up and hung his bag over his shoulder. "I suppose we should start searching the building."

(Benjamin Lichter continues in Song for a Warrior
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