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Caleb stopped walking and frantically looked around. Maria wasn't with him. They must have wandered in different directions while he was lost in thought. He wasn't sure if it would be safe to call out to either her or Kimiko.

He had absolutely nothing as far as a weapon went. Caleb looked on the ground and found a somewhat sharp stick. He picked it up, thinking that if he had known this would all happen he'd have spent less time studying chemistry and more time on kung fu or something. Caleb held his breath and stood very still, trying to listen for any errant noises other than the occasional squawk of seagulls. There was some faint, distant rustling. Caleb lowered himself so as to be hidden by the grass and shrubs and slowly moved in the direction he'd heard the noise.

He imagined stumbling across someone from school covered head-to-toe in blood and viscera. That image morphed into a hungry squirrel scuttling around. Caleb wasn't sure what the probability of either being.
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