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"Yep, it's me!" Penelope chirped. "Hey, Astrid!"

Perhaps being excited to see a friend wasn't exactly an appropriate response to the situation at hand. They were in a death game, after all, and even considering her plan their best prospects were everyone dying. Still, enjoying the time they had left was important, even if they could only get the most basic enjoyment in a situation like this. Penelope tossed the corner of the sheet she had been holding onto the table, before sitting down next to Astrid, just out from under the table. "I'm so, so glad I found you. I've been spending so much time looking around for any friendly face I could find, but you're the first one I've actually managed to meet up with."

"So how hav-" Penelope flinched and stopped talking as she heard the sound of the announcements coming on. Turning her head towards the source of the noise, she motioned to Astrid to just sit and listen. Listening for the inevitable names of the dead. The killers didn't matter, she didn't care about who killed. She was certain that they were just scared, lashing out because they are afraid of dying. They might be dangerous, but as long as Penelope had friends behind her, she was certain she would be able to convince them, all of them, to change their minds.

As the names rolled off the tongue of the ringleader of these death games, Penelope looked at the ground illuminated by her flashlight beam. Some names she didn't recognize, but every time she heard a name she did recognize she tensed up, before shaking. Cristo, Abby, Harold, and Joshua. People she knew, maybe she didn't know all of them well, but she knew them. Faces she saw smile and laugh and frown and cry, voices she heard express thoughts and feelings, people with hopes and dreams and worries and fears. People she cared about, like everyone she knew. Lives that had touched hers, and lives that she had touched in return, even if only a little bit. Beautiful, unique little sparks in a cold, dark, uncaring universe.

Gone in an instant, with only a passing mention of the lives that had just lived.

Penelope brought her hands up to her mouth, balled into fists. "Oh god no. Please... why them... why anyone..."

It didn't take long for the tears to flow forth. Penelope whimpered pathetically as she sobbed, trying to think of a something she could do or say. Something to give life back to the dead.

But there was nothing, they were gone. Their last moments presumably painful and traumatic. They probably died afraid, just wanting to hold onto life just a little while longer, if not for themselves but for others.

She didn't deserve to be alive while they died. She wished that she could have given her life to save any of them. Even if her death would ruin any chance of her plan coming together.

As the announcements shut off and Penelope sobbed next to Astrid, the only thing she wanted was for things to be different.
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