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Goddammit, he was fuckin' glad that he wasn't all by himself, that Mel was walkin' next to him. Like, he still recognized him lying there, of course he fuckin' did. That t-shirt, goddamn knew it looked familiar. All he had to see was that ugly Deadpool mug on the front of it, then it was all crisp and clear.

Harold, motherfucking Harold. Yeah, he already knew and shit, knew that announcement wasn't just some phony deal, since it had mentioned Scarls. Still, some part of him had thought that like - maybe the whole fuckin' rest of it had been bullshit, just a load of bull and nothing but. Didn't look like it, didn't fuckin' look like it. That was Harold alright. Godfuckingdammit.

Aiden just kept walkin', didn't even look where was going. Only when Mel said something did he bother to turn and realize he was almost runnin' head first into a wall or - door, gate, whatever. Fuck, he should have listened, no idea what Mel had just said. But like, not like anyone could really blame him here. How many more fuckin' bodies did he have to come across? This shit was way fuckin' deeper than any guy his size could handle, so it fuckin' was.

"Hey uh, sorry, could you like respeat...?"

He shook his head, tapping his forehead forcefully. "Jeez, got fuss all over my tongue or somethin', can't even speak right." He wiped his eye and shrugged. "Yeah anyway, didn't catch the last thing you said, mind repeating?"
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