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So intent on making sure Nancy died below the surface was Sandy that he didn’t even notice her grab for the screwdriver. Paying no attention to where her arms were going, so used to her batting at him to no avail by now, he had no warning when she finally stabbed him right in his gut.

His arms went as stiff as they could, still holding Nancy under, but his attention moved from her. He looked down at the invading tool with disbelief, seeing it sticking out of his abdomen where it clearly didn’t belong. After a brief but drawn out moment, he realised what had happened.

He screamed, pushing himself away from Nancy as if he could undo what she’d done, pulling himself off of the screwdriver. Blood poured out of the open wound, and everything swam for a moment as the pressure in his circulatory system dropped as sharply as a cliff-face. He almost fainted, his suffocating heavy thoughts suddenly turning light and groundless, but instead he barely clung to consciousness as he pawed at the orifice, trying to stop the bleeding to no avail.

That deep, heavy breathing of a cornered beast turned into rapid shallow pants, as his fight or flight instincts fought for control. He could feel himself growing weaker, his legs turning to jelly, and there wasn’t long left. Nancy was still there, though, still breathing, still not leaving him alone. He didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t leave, but he couldn’t let her go. He had to finish what he started, because he didn’t know what else he could do. At this point, he didn’t know much of anything anymore.

So, with nothing else and no time to think, he threw himself at her one more time.
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