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"Yeah, I have a couple of people." Man he did not have many close friends that were actually at school with him. Trav hadn't really considered that before but just considering the idea of allies had brought that realization into a sharp focus. It wasn't something he particularly minded if he was honest, he had plenty of friends but they were pretty much people who fought all his other friends were cool and all but he found you didn't have the same bond with them as someone you tried to beat up on the regular.

At the same time there was Cass who he both trusted and actually cared about which was impressive considering they had been in proper contact for all of twenty-four hours at a push. Trav looked out over the island, the weather seemed pretty much the same but it had definitely warmed up, something something just like the competition they found themselves in. Trav couldn't help grinning to himself at how melodramatic that entire idea was. It quickly slipped off his face however, it was all real and people he knew had died. He couldn't ignore that.

"And I mean, you must have friends you want to find or at least see." He didn't phrase it as a question. He was sure Cass had friends, everyone had at least a friend. He nodded to himself but turned to Cass. He had come up with the simplest plan but it wasn't like they had much choice. They would either stay on the roof listening to the chaos and death or they could dive down into it and find the people they cared about, after that...well the plan didn't go that far but that wasn't the point.

"We can wait up here for a little bit longer than just head out, pick a direction and walk or something," He shrugged. "I dunno, but what's the point worrying about it right?" There were a lot of reasons to worry about it but Trav was ignoring them.

He took out another slice of bread and sat himself down on the roof.

"Until then we can enjoy breakfast."

((Travis Lynch continued in They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought))
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