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Nancy kept trying to force her head back up, to get out of the rotten watery grave where she belonged, but Sandy held firm. She swatted at him with her arms in her desperate flailing, but it was no match for the furious strength he pinned her down with.

He watched the air bubbles come up as the shadow of Nancy’s head shook under the water, signs that he was winning and that soon she wouldn’t bother him anymore. The confidence emboldened him as he pushed her down harder, his own hands stained with the brown water that would swallow Nancy and silence her for good.

His face had contorted into a twisted visage of the artist’s former self. His eyes bulged in his sockets, and veins that had never surfaced before pushed against his skin. His flesh was a deep crimson as the blood boiled underneath, and his teeth strained against each other as his jaw locked into its merciless snarl.

Nancy's flaliling grew weaker as the bubbles slowed. There wasn't long now.
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