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((Skipping approved by RC))

Standing up, Blair irritably brushed wooden shards from her shirt and shorts, looking over at the kid, who to her surprise was still laying there. Was he actually asleep? Damn, must've gotten involved in something fucked. Or done something fucked. Hopefully not that though.

Looking around the room, Blair opted to leave the room and make sure the other two knew she hadn't randomly gotten ganked by the guy. She stepped out into the hallway, and was pleasantly surprised to find Noah and Rene after a couple steps. They both seemed pretty upset. Blair couldn't imagine why.

"Hey, sorry. That guy is somehow asleep, and I'm okay. I sat in a shitty old chair and it exploded, though." Blair's voice was quiet; she didn't want to overexert again. Especially since, if she was right, she was going to be in big trouble by tomorrow.

"What should we do?"
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