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The cold water hit with what felt like the force of a brick wall. Nancy instinctively squeezed her eyes shut. She swallowed a bit of water, and the taste in her mouth was somehow the most unpleasant thing about this whole experience.

She struggled, her hands gripping the lip of the tub, trying to get her head back above the water. There was bit of give, but it wasn't enough, and her head stayed below the water. Her lungs were burning, now, and she pushed furiously, but she was too tired, and everything hurt too much.

Those few seconds felt like hours, until her lungs felt like they were about to burst. She couldn't stop herself from opening her mouth and letting a bit of water enter her lungs. She coughed and sputtered, sending air bubbles floating to the surface and dirtying the water further with her bile.

Her hands moved, then, flailing wildly, trying to get some sort of leverage, some advantage she could use to free herself.

But it accomplished nothing.
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