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Natalie wasn't expecting any kind of response. If what the announcements said were true, then people have died, which meant that someone honestly snapped. This entire thing was already a gamble, as Natalie was hiding the fact that her heart beat fast at the unknown circumstances in front of her.

When she did receive an answer, she calmed down. The boy was grunting, but the girl seemed responsive. Or at least as responsive as she could be.

Clarice and Ty. Again, nobody she used to know. Natalie's starting to regret not being more sociable now. Then again, you never really expect that you'd be dumped into an abandoned island, anyways...

"I'm Natalie. You can call me Nat for short."

Clarice said she was friendly. That was good. Natalie didn't have anything to go on but Clarice's word, but it was still good enough.

Slowly, she took a spot next to Clarice, easing in so that it didn't seem like she was being threatening. Natalie folded her arms and sighed, staring off into the distant sea as well. It was beautiful, for one thing. With her polaroid camera, she might even want to take a picture if this were any other holiday. Better yet, she might even draw it. She already missed the fact that she used to just be able to grab a notebook and sketch. The little things hit you the hardest it seems.

About 5 or so seconds have passed in silence.

Last time this happened, Natalie got nowhere.

Not like last time. Not like last time. Do something different for once, actually talk to them.

She knew she wasn't going to get anywhere if she just waited for people to start the conversation, but at the same time, she didn't really know what to say.

To hell with it.

"Look... I'm not really good with all this small talk business. Never was, probably never will be. You two..."

Natalie trailed off a bit when she glanced and saw Ty's face. From the way he looks, Natalie could tell that something was a bit off. These two have probably been through way worse than she did.

She cleared her throat and continued,

"...You two look like you've been through a lot. Probably more than me. I'm trying to look for a place to stay for a few nights maybe. Shelter, food, all that stuff. I know it's probably weird to have some random girl show up and ask you this, but I think it's probably a bad idea for me to go alone, and you look like you're headed my way. I know you probably have no reason to trust me..."

She was rambling. She said 'probably' way too many times. She's running her sentences in circles.

Stop. Get to the point. Focus

Another deep breath.

"...What I'm trying to say is. I don't think it's safe for me to travel alone. Maybe I could tag along for a bit, at least until we find a safe place to part. If you're fine with that?"

There. She said it. It's off her chest.

Just when she thought she could calm down, however, she noticed from the edge of her vision, a boy.

Natalie's body remained calm and relaxed, but her heart was already beating rapidly again.
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