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Sandy didn’t register much as Nancy blocked his hand, only intent on following it with another blow. It never came though, as Nancy shoved him back up, sending him staggering on his feet as he tried to keep his balance. Before he could catch himself, fall forwards again and pick up exactly where he left off and resume mashing Nancy’s face into a fine paste, she fired her foot square into his crotch.

He let out a pained gasp as more agony shot through his body, clutching at his junk as he lost focus on Nancy for just the moment. Even with all the intoxicating pain he was already feeling, the blow to the balls was enough to send him reeling, letting Nancy to scramble out from underneath him. As he gripped his nuts, panting for air, he could hear the wet footsteps of Nancy running across the room towards wherever that axe had fallen.

Not deterred for long, Sandy was in hot pursuit, hobbling after Nancy with no intents of letting her escape. The water lining the floor sloshed beneath his heavy feet as she searched for her tool, but she wasn’t quick enough. Sandy grabbed her from behind, pulling her back and sending the two into a violent waltz around the room, as he wrestled for something softer, something more vulnerable, to wrap his arms around and snap in two.
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