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“Isn’t that just stupidity?”

((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued from Pitstop.))

Lily wasn’t sure what she’d been looking for. Well, she did. Water supplies. But the problem was figuring out where to go. The best solution would probably be to rob someone, but she couldn’t just jump out of the bushes and stick someone up. Not with a mirror shard.

She’d heard voices. Vaguely, the idea of taking their supplies if they were distracted had come to mind. And, moving quietly along, she’d seen an open door. She’d seen the body within, and two boys talking. She’d backed up again, shaken and revolted.

Funnily enough, apart from revulsion, the body itself hadn’t phased her too much. Disgusting, sure, but… maybe because it had been mutilated until it was so unrecognisable. That had obscured the body’s identity, and that made it easier to deal with on first glance.

But the weapon sticking out of it. She’d seen it in the room where Tina died, although no-one had been using it. When she entered the room afterwards, it had been gone.

Which meant Isabel had been here.

And it would be a good idea to know where Isabel had been, where she’d gone. It would help in avoiding her. And maybe these two had seen where she’d gone.

But she’d gotten a little distracted by what one of the boys had been talking about while she was hiding and thinking. She could only blame a lack of sound sleep for the fact that she’d said her response outloud.

After her thoughtless comment, she moved so she wasn’t hiding in the doorway anymore. Looking at the two, she realised she might have made a very big mistake. She recognised Alex—she couldn’t remember where from, on a stage maybe, possibly a school assembly?—and the other boy had a gun.

...Well. At least Alex didn’t have the gun.

“...I’m sorry for interrupting. I didn’t mean to insult anyone,” she said. She tried to keep her voice calm, and tried not to look at the body. Tried to keep eye contact, like she had nothing to fear. Calm. Confident. Polite. Especially polite, after the whole ‘stupidity’ comment. Grandma would be disappointed if she let her manners slip now, and Lily had betrayed enough family already.
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