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((Kimiko Kao continued from Bú-Tik))

She had delayed leaving the safety of the supply depot for as long as she could, it seemed like the smartest decision she could have made. There was a guarantee of safety in the danger zone that she didn't have anywhere else, as ironic as that was, entirely because she was the only person allowed in it. Her big internal debate had been deciding whether or not she wanted to go to the asylum or back the way she had come. In the end she had made the decision to backtrack because the chances of anyone from the gym following her to the slopes seemed low. Her hope was that everyone would assume that she planned to go the asylum.

The slopes themselves offered her good cover. Even though Kimiko didn't expect to encounter anyone who meant her harm, the encounter in the gym made it clear people were expecting violence from her, she still kept herself low and as concealed as possible. It made for slow going and every so often she nearly lost her footing as some of the rocky path fell away from her but it felt smarter and safer. She thought back to her attack on Bradley.

His refusal to leave her alone had led to the violence. She had no intention of killing anyone in the gym, not even him. But he kept picking and prodding at her until eventually she had retaliated. She wasn't proud of it but she had tried to leave peacefully. As she walked and scrambled she thought of Bradley. There was a chance she hadn't killed him. That only served to make her feel worse. With that in mind she was still ready to here her name read out again, just the same as it had been that morning.

Kimiko wondered how much time she had spent slowly working her way up the slopes. She was certain it felt longer than it actually was. Her perception of time being altered by the focus she was giving each foot placement. It was a distraction though and she was grateful for that, something to take her mind off everything. Kimiko adjusted how the nodachi was hanging over her shoulder, its presence still bothered her, but it was the best weapon she had.
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