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Sandy ploughed past Nancy’s feeble defence, pinning down the smaller girl with his larger frame as he fell on top of her, the two colliding against the damp tiled floor. He looked at the blood-soaked girl trapped between his thighs, that horrible copper smell mocking his madness and sending him further into insanity, as he raised his fists to beat her down to nothing.

His thoughts dulled as he dropped his hands like anvils on her in an animalistic pounding, giving in again to sheer emotion and hatred as a terrible beast let loose. He wanted her gone more than anything in the world, he wanted everything to go away, he wanted everyone to go away and to just be left in an eternal pitch black isolation where people would finally leave him in peace.

No more people trying to help, no more people wanting to team up, no more people calling him stupid, no more people that he couldn’t relate to or couldn’t relate to him, no more people telling him to get a life, no more no more no more.

He would get rid of it and everything about it and there’d be no more; he was going to smash its face into a pulp until there was nothing left looking up at him, and that was the only thing left in the world that mattered to Sandy Bricks.
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