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escaping the real world to face reality
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((Alan Banks shambling in from Until All Our Yesterdays Are Lighted Fools))

Wow, Katy. Yes, Katy, I'm fucking calling you that from now on, even though you don't know it yet since I'm only saying it in my head. Well. Anyways. Way to announce to the whole world you're making a fucking protein sandwich bar. Really smooth, really fucking smooth.

Shit. He wanted one now. How the fuck had it come to this? How had he sunk so low, so quickly? Despair and die, Alan, despair and die.

There wasn't much about this that felt good to Alan. Quick, let's go through them: it meant that a) he had his shit together, and b) his shit was doing good. Hell, that was pretty good. Very good, very good. Make Alan feel like the good guy, the baby-faced hero of whatever narrative he was putting together right now? Almost. You could very nearly say that Alan felt a little self-doubt in that moment. In his cause, his mission, his constant, pointed trolling. Did the notion that he was usually just an annoying ass cross his mind? Inconceivable! The horror! Keep reaching, you sod. Maybe someday you'll catch a star.

But what's a hero who can't stand a little moral ambiguity, eh? You think the hero's the one who tries to save everyone, who won't kill the villain to stop a shitfest, who can't get his hands dirty to keep the blood from getting all over the floor and holy fuck it's new carpet? Yeah, no points for guessing that Alan preferred Batman to Superman.

Huh. So Alan's already seeing himself as the Batman. How's that for delusions of grandeur. Grandeur, indeed. Well, you best buckle down, then, cuz things are gonna go melodramatic reeeallly soon. Ok. Listen. No, seriously, listen! Your bad guys are literally the shadow conspiracy and the sadist clowns rolled up all into one package, making kids kill each other because telling people that the human race was trash was apparently a damn fine narrative, and you're telling Alan he's the delusional one for embracing pulp? Yeah, you wish. Melodrama was his duty, and his bread and butter besides. Mad. They call him mad, huh? He broke their suspension of disbelief? Well, guess fucking what he'll do, then.

He'll show them. He'll show them all! Tonight.

Yeah, he'll show them, for sure. Any minute now.
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dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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