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Oh thank god. It worked. Now he could relax. Wait, no. He couldn’t. Now he could think. About what, though?

He didn’t know.

Wait, he did. Alex had asked him a question. It was an easy answer though. Just state why he did something. He could do that.

“I mean, anything could have happened, depending on who came. That bell was pretty loud. I could have attracted someone like Isabel or Kimiko or Jasmine and I probably would have been on the announcements today. But you know who did come? Wait… uh…”

Oh yeah. That was right. Just a bit he forgot the moment Josh’s name had come up.

“Instead I attracted Nancy! And Conrad! I saw Barry there as well so I’m half sure I got Alvaro as well!”

He paused, slightly. To rest his mouth, not because he needed to figure out how to get to his point. Admittedly, messing up made it slightly easier there.

“But you know what? I’m still alive,” he continued, excitedly. “And I wouldn’t have known what would have happened if I was too scared of what would happen to ring the bell.”

One more pause. He swirled his tongue around his mouth, a little bit.

“And that is why I was a brave man for doing it.”

Why was he saying this, though?

Oh right. The deal. The offer.

He should probably make a choice regarding that.

Because honestly, he still didn’t really know what to do there. There were two options. None made it obvious that he should pick the other. The rational part of him, the little white guy on top of his shoulder, was screaming at him. No. Don’t ally yourself with the known murderer. You’ve got goals to accomplish. There were so many ways that saying yes could go wrong that it wasn’t worth any of the upsides. He could stab you. He could stab one of the people who you’re looking for. Emma. Junko. Serena. Cadeyn. Al. Clarice, he supposed. They were still out there. They were still out in the open possibly dying in front of all these cameras. You have to find them as soon as possible. Dying or even watching the person you’re allying with kill them would mean that you failed to do that. No. Don’t do it. There is every possible reason for you to say no and there’s absolutely no reason for you to say yes to it.


That statement wasn’t entirely true. The little red guy on his other shoulder told him that. There are reasons for you to say yes. You’ve got goals to accomplish. It might go wrong, but you won’t know what’ll happen until you’ve tried, right? It’s just as you’ve said. You did it and you were brave for doing it. If you back out now, what does that say? What would Alex think? How would he react? You have to say yes, Jeremy. You have to ring that bell again. You have to be brave. You can’t show fear. It’d be wrong.

But no, you can’t do it, can you? There are people out there. People you have to find. There’s a list. You need to tick as many items off of it as you can.



So what? There’s a list. You have to tick as many items off of it as you can.

He supposed that was his choice, then.

“Now, there are a couple things I wanna do, and I’m pretty sure dying would be counterproductive to some of them.”

He paused. One last time.

“But I’m pretty sure a final two deal will help to fulfill others. I’m in.”
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