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(semi-gming of Alan)

"So we find a spot," Alan said.

"Yeah, and then jump her when she walks by," she said.

"We're just supposed to hope she comes right by this particular spot?"


"This is why you need me, Kait," he said.

"Why the hell do people call me that, anyway? I don't go around introducing myself as Kait. It's Kaitlyn. Maybe Katy. If I like you."

"We like each other, though? So fuckin' listen. We have to be flexible here."

She could be flexible. She had all sorts of ways to do this thing.


The two of them scampered up a rocky path, kicking a few stones down as they went and briefly entertaining fantasies about starting some landslide, before they crouched in a bunch of overgrown grass and decided to keep an eye out from up here. They could see most of the way westward, and there were more than a few spots nearby that had enough foliage or hills to make a good ambush spot. Alan had thought he'd seen some movement south of them, where there wasn't much of a vantage point, but how likely was it that Kimiko would be heading that way after picking up her prize?

Right. So this was a good lookout place. And they had a real plan going now, just so long as they figured out who took which role in it. Who was the bait and who was the... ambush-person. Kaitlyn didn't know the right word for it. Either role was fine with her, really. Sure, it would be fun to use her tackling to take that unsuspecting girl down from behind, but there was just something about standing in front of the little sweet-gun-awarded little twit, facing her down that was just as appealing to her. And they had a secret weapon for that job in case there was any trigger-happiness going on. A secret shield-shaped weapon.

Stand in front of a killer? That idea was already putting the memory of standing under the stars and waiting for the announcements to shame. Because there'd be that same anticipation, that same question of this being it, but on a whole nother level.

Not that it hadn't already been pretty intense last night. Kaitlyn had been awake, she'd been zoning out, and then the question had hit her:

What if no one kills?

'Cause she hadn't. No one she'd met thus far had. And what if that was the case everywhere. What if they were like an hour away from all getting their collars blown because they'd turned out to be a bunch of hippies or something deep down inside, and she'd have to include herself in that list? And her heart had started fucking jackhammering. She'd told herself it was probably a bluff even if there'd been no deaths, the terrorists probably had too much invested in this shit to just give up; she'd told herself that she didn't think that had ever happened before and really, at least someone in their school was gonna snap and kill someone else. She'd even looked down to Alan and remembered what she was keeping secret in her bag from everyone.

And she'd cherished every second when she wasn't sure if she was on the brink of death or not. And she was fucking alive.

Now on this ridge, looking down, Kaitlyn took a second to remind herself of that one more time. And... dink. She was already done reminiscing and like only a few minutes had passed. Nothing else to do but wait for the target to stroll by.

They waited.

Holy mother of piss this was getting boring. Whose idea has this been anyway?

She had to pass the time somehow.

"I'm gonna make a protein bar sandwich."

It tasted better than it sounded, actually.

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