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Tara smiled slightly. "Yeah," she said. "A really shitty morning."

A tentative voice from the dinghy. She turned, saw Jasper's diminuitive form peeking out, hesitant. Well, that was smart. This was a weird place to play bold. But then, what other choice did you have?

She considered his questions for a moment, then flipped her arm over and stared at the shining red of her skin, the bubbles of blistered and broken flesh. No trace of the shortening, besides a faint greasy gleam on the peripheries of her burn mark. She nodded, and sat unceremoniously in the sand, pulling out the first aid kit. Burns were new to her: she preferred pain that was a little easier to hide and treat. Although...if she'd worked in a kitchen she could have given ehrself grease burns ad infinitum with no one the wiser. Missed opportunity.

Her thoughts felt very distant. Her head felt very light. Her throat felt very dry.

"No," she said. "Not."

She started treating the wound she'd inflicted on herself.

"I met Cris and Abby, before Kimiko..." She trailed off, and shook her head. "Cris hadn't thought about how he wanted to die. Hadn't even..." There was a tremor in her voice. Was that exhaustion, or something emotional? Even she wasn't sure.

"He wanted to find Abby," she said. "He was so happy when he..."

Her vision felt a little fuzzy, black bars encroaching on what she could see.

"So," she said, gesturing to the fire slowly dying at her side. "My memorial, for the dead who didn't deserve it. A fire, and my flesh." She pulled bandages tight across the bubbled skin, leaned back into the sand as her head swam.

"How do you guys want to die?" she called, and her voice sounded weak even to her ears.
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