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In the end, it seemed that the entire exercise had been, well...

Pointless. That was the word that Candice had been trying to avoid. They'd found somebody who could have been a potential ally, and that somebody had run right past them without so much as an acknowledgement.

It was just like it had been with that other girl earlier.

Mia had entered the now-empty room and was... looking around, maybe? Whatever she might be searching for, she didn't really seem to be that interested in finding it. Candice didn't really feel like going to the effort of checking out the room, herself.

"Do you want to go..."

...someplace else, Candice had been about to say, but she found herself trailing off. Go someplace else? To what end? Find another shitpile of a building on this island, find another classmate who runs off because they don't feel like being around you, lather-rinse-repeat until you've either run out of island to check out or somebody decides to say 'no' with a bullet to your head?

Candice wasn't one of those people who constantly worry about whether or not they're being productive with their time, not by a long stretch. She was of the opinion that wasting time could be pretty fun, even. But even so, she just couldn't see why they should bother reaching out to people.

Some fresh start this had turned out to be. Pointless, indeed.
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