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"Nah, there's no need for that," Asha said, resting her head on one of her hands, and idly tapping her taser with the other. "We're all friends here. Riiiiiiiight?" Being mistrustful? It was wrong, but it was still understandable. Killing someone? Horrible, of course, but even that could be understood. Everyone was a victim, here. Suspecting Dot of any evils when Isabel had casually waved away the blood she'd spilled, though? Oh, no, Asha wasn't very happy with that.

The announcement came on before she could press the issue. She listened in somber silence. Inevitability or no, it was still good to pay respect. Whole lotta good people dead, after all. Not anyone close to her, but still people she liked. One of Ty's buddies. Even Rea, who Asha barely knew beyond that one snipe in the library. She sort of regretted never making the effort to clear that up, petty as it was. At least Wayne hadn't died after he ducked out. Guy was still a complete bastard, but that didn't mean Asha wanted him dead.

The killers mattered much less, but she'd met a surprising amount of them. Nancy had killed, but Asha had never really doubted that, had she? Alex, now there was a disappointment. He'd seemed off, but still decent. Maybe it'd been self-defense, an accident, any number of justifications. Asha vaguely entertained the thought of what might of happened if she hadn't been so quick to run away with Dot and Wayne, but she quickly dismissed it. Maybe she could have stopped it from happening, maybe she would have just gotten her friends hurt instead of Rea. Trading a death for a death accomplished nothing, and Asha knew she'd done her best.

Isabel? Now, there was a problem. One kill could be a mistake. Two kills established a pattern.

"Well, that's pretty terrible! Lucky you, though, Iz; you're alive and you've got all the time in the world to make up for it," Asha said brightly, a hard edge to her smile. "After all, you've obviously realized the error of your ways, and you're not gonna be killing anyone else. Isn't that right, Iz?"

She idly tossed her taser from hand to hand. Asha didn't want to be threatening Isabel with the taser, but no, she was totally low-key threatening Isabel with the taser. If she had been a better person, she knew she would have been more willing to give Isabel a chance to explain herself before jumping straight to harsh words and meaningful glares, but no. Shit was fucked and Asha didn't want Isabel to be anywhere near Dot until she proved beyond a doubt she wasn't gonna hurt anyone.

Isabel had looked disappointed when she heard that she hadn't gotten the "best kill award", hadn't she?

"'Cause, like, I hope you realize that you are going to die. We all are. None of this is gonna make a difference in the end, and if you keep killing people anyways... well, you're a goddamn horrible person. Maybe think about that a bit."
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