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Ah, so Jaime was friends with Conrad too, then. Of course. Emma knew who Junko was. The track team captain, right? She was friends with Cris and Haley too, she was pretty sure. She didn’t know Junko too well aside from that. She always seemed a little... well, Emma didn't know what to make of her. She probably wasn't a bad person, though, right? Alessio, on the other hand, was a quiet boy. He was into robotics, right? Maybe he was friends with Lily.

Oh, there were a lot of people to look out for. There was the rest of student council, of course. Memories came back. She remembered Conrad, and how they had run in the same election this year. He as the Vice President, her as President. He had trouble with his speech, but he made a quick save in the end. He served his council duties well, as long as she'd known him. Joshua, Joshua was the Vice President for the Juniors. He always came with a bunch of enthusiasm. He was also the Tennis Team captain, and played flute and piano. She didn't know Alex, the Treasurer, as well as she could have, should have. But she remembered that he was super into fight choreography or something like that. Bridgette was here too, she was sure. Bridgette was smart and a perfectionist. They were part of the school's band and orchestra together, too.

Speaking of which, there were a lot of people from band, too. Jeremy, for one. He always had this odd sense of humor. She remembered that one day in Health class, for example. They'd made jokes about how the bananas chose who was worthy. Danny and Haley were there too, weren't they? She didn't have that great a relationship with Jonathan, but she had to wonder about him, too. Was he here?

Sabrina was definitely here. She didn't want to lose her. She... just didn't. Her cousins were probably here too. At least, some of them. Cris was somewhat gloomy, but he was incredibly talented at baseball. Lily was smart, too, and Tina? Tina... had been there for her when she wasn't feeling well. Haley, they'd bonded quickly with Jeremy that one time for a reason. Eliza had done urban exploration and hiking, and it meant that if she had to hike through some kind of literal mental asylum...

For a moment, Emma felt vaguely nostalgic. But the horror came back just as quickly. The blood could have belonged to anyone. Anyone who came to mind just now, that could have easily been theirs. Or even someone she didn't think of right off the bat. Jaime even reminded her of how they could easily be killing each other, or getting killed by someone.

Emma went silent for a second. The tin med kit felt heavy in her hands. She nervously shifted her legs underneath her as she looked around for the source of the blood.

"I hope not," she said, a sad smile on her face. "Let's just... keep our heads up, alright?"

Lucilly and Amanda hadn't come back, she realized. She could still hear them talking, though she couldn't make out what there were saying. Hopefully everything was alright. Hopefully.

"Jaime?" she asked. "Have you seen anyone? I mean, like, if someone comes by injured..."

Her fingers wrapped around the clasp, wondering if she should open the first aid kit. She looked around. There was still a possibility that they'd hidden in one of the rooms.

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