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Brendan was feeling worse when Darius just insulted him for no reason. That sure was not winning Darius any points with him. He was getting more eager to leave. He didn't really want to be around Darius anymore. He shouldn't have to deal with Darius' bull. He decided that Jonathan would be fine with Darius. For now.

Do you really believe that, Brendan? No, you really don't.

Then Brendan was taken by surprise when Jonathan spoke up. It seemed that he had enough of Darius as well. Brendan had wanted to lash out at Darius but now Jonathan was kind of sticking up for him. Brendan was thankful for that. But he still wanted to go. Even if he never saw the both of them again.

"Well, I am still going to the asylum. Because I actually give a toss about my friends. Unlike you, Darius." He took a stab at Darius as well because there was no point in hiding his feelings anymore. Then he glanced at Jonathan and he nodded. "Sure, a meet up point. We can try to hole up in the pub or at the cabin. Unless those become danger zones. We can hide out somewhere else and hope that we will crash into each other at some point. I'm going to get going now. So make sure to keep safe, Jonathan."

Brendan then started to wander away from Darius and Jonathan. Then he turned to look back at them.

"I really don't care what happens to you, Darius."

Starting to be more honest, Brendan? Yes.

Brendan then continued to walk away, still feeling upset by Darius' words.

((Brendan Harte continued in Haunted House))
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