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Nancy set the hatchet down and tucked the screwdriver into her skirt. She had shift it around a bit so that it didn't stick out of the bench, but it eventually went in neatly. She dug through her bag for the first aid kit, opened up, and starting slowly treating her shoulder.

She hissed in pain when the alcohol stung her wound, but she didn't skimp. She couldn't afford to.

She had just gotten the bandages out of the kit when she heard the door to the main room open.

Nancy's breath caught, and she began to wrap the bandage around her shoulder quickly, hoping against hope that she'd be able to finish before whoever it was had found her. She tore off the bandage and fished around for an adhesive, while she contemplated just rushing out without it. Her hands worked regardless, and finally managed to seal the bandage. She hastily threw everything she had into the first aid kit, closed it, and threw it into the bag.

It hit the bottom with a thump at the same time the door opened.

Nancy stared down the boy that had just entered the room. She was drawing a blank on his name right now, but that wasn't important.

She kept his eyes on him as she felt the bench for the axe, her heartbeat drowning every other noise out.

Her hand found it. She stood up and swung.
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