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Jonathan backed away just as Brendan spoke behind him. He wanted to ask him what he thought, but Darius interrupted him with more Darius level fuckery. Jonathan could only look back as his friend continued to assault Brendan verbally, before turning to him.

This wasn't going to be good...

Jonathan listened to Darius' words. Every single one of them oozed the sort of condescending bullshit he wouldn't have expected from Darius of all people. Darius was a jackass yeah, but normally, he was a jackass that was humble, one that understood. The Darius standing in front of him?

He didn't know. Darius simply did not know. That was it, that was what hit him.

Could Jonathan blame him? He hasn't seen anyone die yet, and on top of that, he may have had his brains scrambled by Junko for all we know.

It didn't help how badly he was treating Brendan like shit. Of course he knew. He knew the two didn't like each other. He heard about the skate park. He blocked from his mind that it was Michael bragging about what happened, but he knew.

"Darius. Could you just..."

Jonathan couldn't take it, he couldn't take the way Darius was just ever so calm about this. Like he could just casually press a button and they were all back home. So calm like the ones who died didn't matter. So calm like this would be so easy...

Jonathan was fed up of crying. He wasn't going to tear up anymore. But he would not let Darius, or anyone on this island walk over him. He'd get everyone he could off this island. Crying wasn't solving anything.

And to be honest... Neither was Darius.

"Could you just either say something useful, or shut the fuck up?"

He turned to look at Brendan, flagging him to wait a moment before leaving. He turned back to Darius, tugging on the edges of his-Brendan's hoodie.

" I want to hear an actual plan out of you. Something besides shitting on us, then pretending to feel bad for shit you didn't experience. I know you, Darius, I know exactly how you act, you like to pretend you know all about experiences you've never been through. Like you know what I've fucking seen. I-I'm getting real fed up of the shit you're spewing out of your mouth right now. If you can't think of anything else to say outside of bitching and moaning that we haven't done the work for you, then go somewhere else to do it, because we're getting off this island, and if I need to find someone more productive in helping, I will."

Darius wanted Jonathan to be productive? Did he want him to help him? Fine. But Darius better pull his own weight as well. He knew Darius all too well. He'd like to pretend that he could put himself in someone else's shoes. Maybe that was his way of justifying treating them like shit.

"Because newsflash, getting beat up and nearly killed by a girl isn't too productive in getting off of this island, Dee. You're gonna have to come up with a better excuse than that as to why you haven't done anything either if you want to win us over."

He withheld Junko's name to taunt him. Hell, he even called him by Michael's nickname just to add some more salt into the wound. Let's see how he likes it huh? Would he keep it up, or would he turn his tail and give up, like he called them out for doing. He wanted to see how much Darius really believed his own words, or if it was really all just bullshit.

He looked at Brendan.

"If you want to go and find your friends, go ahead, but don't leave just yet, we have to make a meet up point. Somewhere we all hole up for this. You find your friends, you bring them there, and we'll figure something out okay?"

Barry wasn't going to die for nothing, and Jonathan wasn't going to let Darius just shit on his life like that. If there was anything Darius said right, it was this.

You had it difficult yesterday, and I understand and respect that. Today, bad shit won't happen.

It wouldn't happen. He would make sure of it. For Barry, for Brendan. For the living, and the dead. Even for Darius.
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