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Another precarious moment where Alex hung suspended between what he'd decided to be and what he actually was.

The ringing of the bell? Tolling across the island, calling for attention? Bold, true. It did take guts. Calling for attention. It was big and it was bold and it meant something, but...

But did Alex think that? Or did Alex David Tarquin, the man who would be the fittest, think that?

"So let me see if I understand you," Alex said. "You rang a bell, and you think qualifies as courage? What exactly did you gain from that, Jeremy? What point did it serve?" He gestured back to the corpse. "This? This is a sign of weakness. But what do you imagine ringing a bell accomplishes? What do you think it proves?"

His machete had slowly dropped, however. He was studying Jeremy with naked curiosity on his face. Both the man and the role would benefit from knowing what point Jeremy was trying to make.
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