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"Sorry." She meant it, because she was being hypocritical, doing what she'd kept him from doing and doing what she'd said wouldn't help. He'd lost someone, lost Scarlett, and she was dragging it all back up without even thinking about it.

Mel slowed down a bit, enough for him to catch up, but not enough to come to a stop by the corpse. No way was she doing that.

Except it wasn't just a corpse anymore, because she'd caught a glimpse now - it was Harold, and as her heart felt like it'd been squeezed tight, she knew she should have listened to herself. Knowing who it was didn't help.

Her feet kept moving, almost automatic, and soon she was at the tower. She took a deep breath. Looked up, looked down. Looked back at Aiden as she pressed her hands against the door. The metal was cool against her palms.

"If you don't wanna go in," she said, "we can stop."

And maybe this time, she'd listen.
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