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There was no ice in the pub, because that would have been too good. Instead Cameron was sitting in a soft as fuck armchair with her foot elevated. She was living the glamorous rock star lifestyle. What she really needed was some weed...or peyote. Just something to take the edge off.

What Cameron did have was Vinny though and she didn't underestimate the positive effect that was having. Sure Tessa wasn't the best companion to have around but safety in numbers was a thing. They were holed up in the pub and since there was only one way in our out they would know if someone was coming. It gave a degree of comfort and safety to know that.

Eventually night came and went and they were greeted by an announcement. Cameron listened out for the names of her friends. Cristo and Abby were dead which gave Cameron pause. She knew and talked to Cristo but they had never really been close, she had been closer with Abby and now she was gone. It was a weird sensation, being aware that while she was enjoying the company of Enzo, someone she knew had died. Cameron didn't really know how to react. Instead she just looked at the tattoo on her palm and picked at it.

She was glad that neither Vans or Coleen had been in the announcements but she didn't think she should have been happy about it. Each classmate whose name was read out was a family losing a son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson and stuff. Being happy that her friends were OK didn't seem respectful.

Cameron continued to absently scratch at her until eventually it became too much for her.

"What's the plan? Stay here until we have to go?"
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