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Aiden let out a brief chuckle, but it felt more forced than anything. For once, not hearing from people was actually kinda good, that was true. Still, the fact that it was like that, that was still pretty damn depressing. Everything was, really.
"Yeah, guess so."

Even now that he was with Mel, he still didn't feel all jolly and comfy and shit. And like, even just speaking, trying to just exchange some casual words and stuff, even that felt all awkward. Prolly cause they both knew how fucked up this was and how nothing would be the fucking same, no way it'd be.

Well, looked like Mel was more curious than he was though, wanted to go take a peek into that tower. He was fine where he was. Not really fine, but still. Didn't seem likely that anyone would go and camp out in that rickety old thing, so no point in searching it.

"Eh, gonna be honest-"

Well, so much for that. Girl had already made her decision, so she did. Headed straight for the tower, straight for...them. Fuckin' hell, he had no choice though, did he? Not like he could let her go in all alone, all selfish like. Not like he didn't expect her to go renegade though, nope. Still, wished she'd have at least asked him.

"Hey, wait up at least."

Aiden started jogging, just a few feet, until he had caught with her. He made sure to walk next to Mel, on the side facing away from whoever was lying there. He wanted to have as much distance between him and them as possible, had already come in contact with one dead body and that had been fucking unbearable enough. He really didn't need to repeat that.
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