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"Yeah," Mel echoed, and fell into a short silence.

Now was when her smile faded, too. She'd poked at what hurt him, and he'd poked right back.

If splitting up had worked so badly for him, what was to say it would work out better for her? How long had Vinny and Tessa kept the peace without some sort of mediating influence? And if they had fallen out and fallen apart in all the wrong ways, or if someone else had stumbled upon them in the meantime and changed the dynamic for the worse, Cameron wouldn't have fared much better.

That wasn't her responsibility - she couldn't even presume to be any sort of mediator, couldn't have said for sure that if she'd stayed she'd have been a positive influence on them. Probably not. Her specialty was in poking at bears, after all, relishing the possibility that it could all blow up in her face. Then maybe she'd have to backpedal. Maybe she'd have to make a peace. Here, the stakes were higher. Here, it wasn't just Astrid, glaring at her as if to wither her away.

"I left," she finally said. "Haven't really heard of them since, so I guess that's good news. Just... had something else I wanted to do." And that was the truth, she guessed, more of the truth than she'd given to Cameron.

Cameron had said she'd wanted to see the ocean, too.

She changed the subject abruptly. "You wanna see a tower? Let's go see a tower."

And she started walking without another thought, moving towards the corpse - moving to move past the corpse, moving quickly enough to fool herself into thinking she wasn't going to try to figure out who it was.
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